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Happy July 4th!

As many of us are getting ready to head to the beach, cook up some food, kick back with a nice cold beer and settle in to watch some fireworks, let us not forget those who fought and died to deliver us our independence from England over 200 years ago today.

As some of us are likely gathered round the grill wondering where NBA Finals MVP, Kawhi Leonard will land, discussing the ending of Endgame or general chatter and getting ready to enjoy a nice day off from work, one thing for sure is that July 4th is a special day that many mark as the midway point of summer.

One person who is surely injecting her own way of celebrating our nation’s independence is Vancouver-born Canadian bombshell in Swimsuit USA model, Kamila Mihalik.

Not one to mince words, and someone who is also very spunky and blunt, the six-foot tall, green-eyed Hungarian-Canadian goddess is a combination of sarcasm, towering beauty and quirky cuteness. Outside of modeling, Ms. Kamila coaches basketball and is an advocate of world peace and problem-solving.

Sign us up!

Inspired by her mom at the age of 13, after multiple rejections from local agencies, Kamila would get into modelling via various independent collaborations. No stranger to the inner workings and politics of modeling off the runway, she is not shy about sharing her experiences about the pressures of today’s world of modeling.

Below I catch up with Kamila and discuss her journey with USA Swimsuit, lip and fat injections, getting new boobs and the pressure of sending nudes.

Who Is She?

Name: Kamila Mihalik

Birthplace: Vancouver, British Columbia

Location: AMERICAS HAT! BEAUTIFUL BC BABY. In the second most expensive city in the world


, Vancouver.

Age: SHHHHH how about a lady never tells her age.

Height: 6’

Stats: 39–28–39. I’m tallish 6 feet-ish in heels. An hourglass-ish at 39 28 39 and depending on the time of year, I’ am anywhere between 140–155 of skin, bones, fat and a whole lot of sarcasm.

Social Media Links: Twitter: @missMihalik | Instagram: @sweetkam

Tell us about your USA swimsuit journey? This story is a long story about decades worth of perseverance, determination and dedication. The most epic part of it all: the girls that I mentored while coaching basketball.

Just as I was about to throw in the towel, exhausted from my efforts mentally and monetarily with the industry, the girls told me not to give up. They lifted me back up and reminded me to keep representing and giving a voice to girls whom aren’t as lucky as I am.

During any pageant, I do as an advocate of compassion and kindness, I always bring the conversation back to problem solving and how you and I can help people who are less fortunate than us. “Cause my roots are from Hungary and I grew up in and around the DTES (Downtown Eastside neighborhood of Vancouver) but I am still here, if i can do it, so can you” theme.

Oh and yes, definitely and most positively, World Peace Yo!

How did you get in to modelling? Selfies. I started practicing the art form (LOL!) with disposable cameras. They got boring and my mom then tried to get an agent for me That was a hard no but she did pay to get my first head shot at 13. After the rejection from multiple local agencies, I did my first independent project collaboration that let all my creative juices flowing. That was that, hooked and the rest is history.

What are the pressures as a model in the industry? Just the normalized glow up. Get new boobs, loose some weight there, fat injections there, full lips, big hips, little hips….nudes? Nudes? NUDESSSSS…..this list can go on forever. But basically if you are not aware of yourself, your needs, your cool aid, then everyone will think they know what is best for you and your career. They don’t, only you do….if you have taken the time to figure out what makes you tick.

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