Spring Forward! Q and A With INSCMagazine Spring/Summer Cover Model Bozena Zag!

Robert D. Cobb
8 min readJul 7, 2022


WINDSOR, ONT, Canada — With Memorial Day weekend marking the unofficial start of summer, and the July 4th weekend recently passed, now is the time to start thinking about working on those tan lines, scouring the newest and hottest looks and trends as well as places to go.

With so many people finally getting a chance to go out again post-COVID, many are anxious and eager to take advantage of finally being allow to travel and live life to the fullest.

One such person is Canadian-Polish stunner, Bozena Zag.

Zag, a towering and stunning member of the six-feet club, is a multi-published international smoke show, whom has been published in notable publications such as MALVIE, VIGOUR, PUMP, LASTYLE and this very same publication.

Tall, blond, beautiful and simply an amazing and talented model and entrepreneur, check out my Q and A with Bozena “Bo” as we talk modeling, dealing with COVID restrictions up north and finally linking up in T-Dot!

Who Is She?

Name: Bozena Zag

Age: 45

Height: 6’

Notable Publications and Media:

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Social media ~ https://ca.linkedin.com › bozena-zag…Bozena Zag — BMW Sales Consultant — Rafih Auto Group | LinkedIn

https://m.facebook.com › nationalpu…Bozena Zag — Home | Facebook

Another Facebook Bozena Zag

IG~ private one as the other got hacked with 49K ?‍♀️

Bozena Zag~ Bozenapolish ~ private one

Twitter ~ Bozena Zag (I don’t use it nor IG anymore since I got hacked. I don’t support IG anymore after that brutal incident)

Website ~ http://bozenazag.com/bio/

Sales Consultant ~ https://www.overseasbmw.com › staffMeet the Overseas Motors BMW Windsor Staff | Windsor Dealer ON.

IG ~ https://www.instagram.com › rafih_…Rafih Auto Group (@rafih_auto_group) • Instagram photos and videos

Publicist ~ https://www.instagram.com › R. J. Garis (@_publicist) • Instagram photos and videos

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Elite Image Modeling ~ https://www.instagram.com › eliteim…ELITE IMAGE MODELING (@eliteimagemodeling) • Instagram …

Hey Bo! Congrats on landing the cover! How excited are you?

Thank you so much for the opportunity. I am truly blessed ? I am excited as you know lol. That shot was taken in Santa Monica where I stayed and had the view of the Marina. It was so beautiful and peaceful.

Dali Ma https://www.instagram.com › dali.ph…Dali Ma (@dali.photographer) • Instagram photos and videos shot this. Dali is so creative and shooting with him is so fun. He is a fashion photographer. But every time he shoots me. He insists to shoot boudoir lol. And I have to say it’s the way he shoots, where he positions you and they seem to turn out so elegant and rich. It is not just the picture, it’s everything about the picture.

How many New Year’s Resolutions have you broken so far, LOL!

Hahaha yes, I always break the New Year Resolution. Honestly, I do not do the New Year Resolution anymore. One of my colleagues at work at Overseas Motors BMW asked me “what was my New Year Resolution”?

And I said in a nutshell “to just stay positive about life and that our minds are so powerful and what you think and can change so quick and to the worse. In anything in life. So, to be happy with me and my life and ignore the noise. If that makes sense.

As a former Woman Crush Wednesday featured model, we are so excited to finally connect with you. You have an impressive list of publications since, what has been the best and most exciting feature you’ve done so far?

Thank you and I am excited to collaborate with you guys as well. All my features have been exciting to be honest. All vastly different and it’s such a great feeling when a magazine wants to publish you.

All of them were all so different and to work with. Malvie Magazine from Paris was so amazing, and they want more of my work which is flattering. But I have to say QP Magazine was the one that meant a bit more to me.

Jose Maria the CEO of QP Mag is my mentor as well. And he guided me through a lot and still does. I consider him a great friend as well. He wanted to do an exceptional interview on me in his magazine. His words. He said I was a role model for so many.

As in my age and kids and to do all and to take care of yourself and look like that he thought was amazing and therefore wanted this in his magazine. It’s also a beautiful magazine. He’s worked hard and still does for his QP Magazine.

Any plans or big projects coming up?

Yes, I do have some things coming up this year. But I am not allowed to disclose them lol. But I’m excited as usual. It’s always an adventure exploring new things in your career that your passionate about. Much busier life and not always easy. But who said it was supposed to be?

What a great question to answer lol.

What was the biggest challenge in working during COVID?

Traveling. When not vaccinated as there was no vaccination offered. The quarantine wasn’t fun. Even though you try to make the best of it all, especially in your mind. Still tough. Having to take so many flights as the boarder has been closed. Making things more inconvenient. Filling out forms online beforehand.

The obvious PCR tests 72 hours prior or of seconds pass the 72 hours then they won’t let you on the flight. If flight delayed which is not our fault, then I had to take another PCR test and that wasn’t ready within hours. Just honestly completely ridiculous. But I worked through it all. Went through the worse regarding that department and made my traveling more comfortable after going through all that.

We’ve talked about shooting in Toronto, how difficult has it been for you to connect with other creatives outside of Canada?

We will shoot in Toronto! It will happen I promise! LOL!

I have another career that I love and that is selling luxury vehicles at Overseas motors BMW. Something I always wanted to do. But did not earlier on in my life as that’s just what happens lol. I do still travel for modeling but not as much as I use too as I am very busy in the dealership.

I do a lot online which helps. But once I am more confident with selling vehicles, I will be able to travel a bit more again. I really value the owner and respect. He knows about my first career and knows I work hard and love the business I am in.

Therefore, does not stop me from traveling for work when it comes to lifestyle shoots and much more. You can do a lot more online now wants you to have yourself established. I also have children that need me here.

What are some of the biggest challenges you feel are out there, and how do you feel that you will overcome them?

I would not say competing with anyone, especially the industry. I am in are my challenges as that has never crossed my mind ever. For me is juggling two careers and then life here where I live. Those are my challenges out there as I need to keep traveling with my career and it is tough when having a career where I live as well and needing to be here at the same time.

I can only network so much. You need to meet with the agency, you need to get photographed, you need to go and be there to do what you genuinely love. In that industry especially. Or you will not succeed in it.

So, I just must make it work which is much harder now to continue that success that I enjoy so much. By keeping myself grounded and a strong mind that I always must work on is how I will overcome it all.

Any last and parting words for models, and those looking to break into the industry?

My only advice is, and I said this before in my interviews. If this is the passion career you want. First, stay strong and confident as it is not an easy industry. Meaning not to just getting in.

To continue in any show business, film even. You need to mindfully stay strong and get thicker skin as you will get turned down a lot, there will be no’s and even tell you your own flaws. Not always easy to hear for a girl/woman, as you feel criticized and at times you are.

Do not be afraid to apply for all submissions. The more the better. Build your social media as that is what helps for networking. But build a professional one and slowly.

As it takes time to do it right, and not be rushed.

Special thanks to Garis Media Talent Group, Ms. Bozena Zag for their time and assistance. Photos courtesy of Dali Ma and used with permission.



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