Woman Crush Wednesday: From Russia With Love! Q and A With Playboy Playmate, Iryna Ivanova!

Bikinis. Swimsuit. Lingerie. Welcome to Woman Crush Wednesday! INSCMagazine’s new weekly feature that will appear every Wednesday. WCW! will feature some of today’s hottest bikini, swimsuit,Instagram and fitness models in the realm of lifestyle, modeling and entertainment.

Russian women.

Sexy. Cold. Dangerous.

No other women are as alluring, dangerous, magnetically attractive or as enigmatically irresistible as they are. Perhaps it is the accent, the way they speak, or how well they maintain themselves, but make no mistake, they lay claim to being the hottest in the world, and wear their crown with unapologetic confidence.

For close to a millennia, Russian women from Catherine The Great to Anna Kournikova have held the world in the palm of their cold warm palm of their hands thanks to a proverbial mystery about them that has drawn men to them for centuries.

Whether they are Cold War spies like Keri Russell’s KGB spy, Elizabeth Jennings in FX’s The Americans to modern-day femme fatales such as Anna Chapman, Russian women are everywhere from online dating sites to current-day entertainment and sports.

Names such as Mila Kunis, Maria Sharapova, Milla Jovovich to Irina Shayk have triggered more than a few random Google searches. Yes, while other countries such as The United States, Brazil, Canada, Poland, Colombia, Italy, Australia and Turkey all have stupid-hot women of their own, there is just SOMETHING about a woman from Moscow and St. Petersburg that’ll buckle any man’s knees.

Look no further than Victoria’s Secret or your feed on Instagram and chances are that if you see a next-level hottie on your feed, chances are she hails from Mother Russia. While the Cold War ended almost 20 years ago, Russia is starting a new one with its seemingly now-stop array of homeland-grown hotties ready to conquer the West.

One such agent of seduction is Playboy Playmate, Iryna Ivanova.

Born in the southwestern Russian city of Voronezh and raised in the port Black Sea Crimeanian town of Fedosiya, the uber-busty jet-setting Russian doll has been burning up Instagram for a hot minute thanks to her scantily-clad images of her 30GGG breasts, dark hair and other assets that have helped her earn 5.6 million followers to date.

A grad student of the University of Arizona, Iryna landed the cover of Playboy in August 2011 shortly after earning her MBA. A world traveler, Iryna prides herself on posting the sexiest boobie pics around and makes no apologies for her uber-hotness. More often then not, she is likely to be seen displaying her rack of DAMN on both her main Instagram and her “more modest” fashion modelling IG account, @hipdoll

Clearly someone who doesn’t take herself too serious, Iryna also produces exclusive sexy content for Celeb.TV while wearing some of her fave brands such as Fashion Nova and Catwalk Connection in a witty, tongue-in-cheek manner that’ll make even the most uptight prude giggle a little on the inside.

Below is my Q and A with Iryna as we talk boobs, dick pics, Resting Bitch Face, having money in the bank, opening a Salvation Army for Instagram babes and why she’s a super-expensive date.

Who Is She?

Name: Iryna Ivanova

Measurements: 30GG-20–32

Social Media Links: IG: @playmateiryna and @hipdoll | Twitter: @IrynaIvanova | FB: @playmateiryna

Where are you from? Born in Voronezh, Russia. Grew up in Feodosiya, Crimea.

Tell Us A Little About Yourself. I’m always traveling to a new exotic place every month, I love to see the World. I grew my own food to survive the first 15-years of my life in post-soviet Russia (so I’m a great farmer).

I got my MBA from the University of Arizona and suffer with a severe case of Resting Bitch Face. I’m also a top earner on Celeb.tv. which is a platform where I sell my most-exclusive sexy content to my fans.

What type of modelling do you do and how did you get in to it? I got into modelling when I was chosen for Playboy Playmate August 2011. After posing for the centrefold, I started off posting the sexiest boobie pics possible on @playmateiryna and built a following on Instagram that way. Today, I’m focusing more on fashion modeling on my second page @hipdoll.

You have a huge following of 5.6million on Instagram. How does it feel knowing that millions of people in the world know who you are and admire you? Well, it feels like I’ve seen dick pics from at least 50% of them, so I can honestly say that I know my followers quite well. I even rate their dicks from 1–10 when they DM me on celeb.tv/playmateiryna.

Do you get any negative feedback from other women or your friends and family about being a glamour model? And, if yes, does it bother you? I get negative feedback from every woman but I don’t care. I particularly like it when they give me a nasty look and smack their boyfriend for looking at me. That’s the best.

As well as modelling, you’re in to fashion and have a second Instagram account @hipdoll where you model clothing and lingerie. Why did you start Hipdoll? I love @hipdoll most of all because I can express myself there with fashion, which is a lot of fun. Fashion companies send me free clothes everyday. At this point I could open a Salvation Army for Instababes out of my own house.

What are your favourite fashion brands? Fashion Nova and Catwalk Connection

Who are your style icons and why? King Louis XIV, because he was the first to wear a red bottom heel.

Do men treat you any differently because of your job and the way you look? Yes. They feel compelled to send me money and pictures of themselves.

What makes you feel sexy? When I’m 100% in cash and bonds while the market is crashing, ’cause I’m smarter than I look. 😊

Who are your top 3 celebrity crushes? Neil deGrasse Tyson, Louis C.K. and Ludacris

What would be your ideal date — where would you go? Seychelles on a private jet. I’m a super fucking expensive date.

What are your hobbies? Taking boobie pics. Changing my hair color. Watching astrophysics/universe shows.

Tell us an unusual fact about yourself that may surprise people? I make more than $1,000,000 every year using celeb.tv and social media.

What are your goals/dreams for your career and life for the next few years? Exactly what I’m doing right now. Life is great.

Finally, sum yourself up in 5 words. Big boobie hot Russian girl. What more do you want in life? 😊

Happy Woman Crush Wednesday!

Special thanks to Ms. Iryna Ivanova and Intrigue Management for their assistance during this WCW! Q and A feature Email us at inscglamourgirl@theinscribermag.com if you feel that you have the look of being our next Woman Crush Wednesday.

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